This last week has brought an unfolding within the global community. There is confusion, mixed feelings, strong feelings, love, hate, passion and apathy. It is overwhelming and difficult to take it all in. This, cupped with the struggles and problems of every day life, can leave a person feeling suffocated as we breathe in all the smog of life.

Then, through the smog that chokes and stifles, He whispers “I’m still good”.

The world is swirling. I stop and I look around. I’m gasping for any untainted air that is left.

Here in the middle of a November month, the unexpected grows.

Beautiful shades of not-quite-ready green  to ready-to-be-plucked red.

A rain kissed rose in full bloom.

I think, do they not know they are supposed to be dormant? In this month where fullness of life tucks itself away until the warmth of spring – here I witness the few hanging on…the beauty of living holding on. I am reminded of His gifts. I inhale and in that moment air is clean and crisp.

Another day passes.

There they are – little prints in once soft padded dirt. A reminder of a little one’s free spirit roaming freely and curiously as she breathes in life fully. 
I inhale a little deeper from air that is good.

I can smile; I can laugh.

Little mouths nibble. Little pointed feet remain still long enough to fill belly. Momma goat grunts her impatience at little ones who get in her way.

Wet-milk kisses and nibbling on ears are just fine when coming from one’s favorite.
Another inhale.

I am reminded – His goodness, it is unfolding all around. His gifts are spread wide, lying in anticipation and waiting to be found. These are the moments where my anguished and fear-stricken mind can find reprieve. These are the moments that belong to Him.

When the madness of the world weighs heavy and thick, I breathe Him in.

When the moments of life that constrict and crumble, I breathe Him in.

I breathe Him in.


It is then that the choking stops. It is then that the smog is blown away. It is then that I can exhale back into the world His goodness, grace and mercy.

Is that not what we are to do? Those of us who have breathed Him in and felt Him course through our veins, are we not to then breathe Him out into the miasma of brokenness and hate? Not to turn away from and ignore the cause, but yet not to be consumed by it either. What we breathe in, is what we breathe out.

The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him. Nahum 1:7

He is good. He is good. He is good.

So today, as I scroll through the many social media outlets and see the bombardment of discouragement and hate and as I feel anxious and worried for things near and far…I will remember – I am His and He is mine. So today, I will just breathe.


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