Welcome, Friends!

 I am glad you could stop by my little corner of the internet. Chronicles of a Keeper is a place where I write with the hope of reflecting the beauty and goodness of a faithful and perfect God, who is rich in mercy and abounding in love. You will often find musings, ideas, or words of inspiration and encouragement.My prayer is to always (and fervently) seek Truth by searching it in His Word, to let that knowledge flow from my mind and settle deeply into my heart.

My desire is that the words I communicate on this page are consistent and never contrary to the Word of God.

My heart is to point everything back to a God who pursues, redeems and restores. I hope to shine the light of His glory to anyone who happens across this blog. It is in my fullest intention to point everything in and of my life to Christ.

Why Chronicles of a Keeper?

During a study I once did, Called to be a Keeper,  I was challenged as a follower of Christ, as a wife, as a mother, and as a friend. Challenged not by the world’s standards, but rather, by the calling that God has set before me.

A Keeper. It is not defined or restricted by a woman’s age, stage of life, or occupation. The example is set in Proverbs 31; the guidelines are given in Titus 2. The task is hopelessly daunting on our own, but attainable through Jesus. It is a place of honor. It is ministry. It is a role that walks in unison as one who is a disciple-maker.

I know that I have made mistakes and will make plenty of mistakes in this honorable role of mine…I know I fall short of perfection.

So keeping these things in mind…I played around with some ideas as a name for my blog – “The Imperfect Keeper”, “The Blubbering Keeper”, “The Struggling Keeper”. You get the idea. 

The thing is, I didn’t want to be defined as being comfortable with any of those titles. 

So, I continued brainstorming – “The Striving Keeper”, “The Hopeful Keeper”, “The Graced Keeper”. Whomp whomp. They all, just…did not fit me. 

But, y’all, I am striving to be the keeper God has called me to be. There is godly strength to be leaned into as I journey in this role. It is tough, but it is holy, this work that I am given everyday. I was determined to somehow find a way to make “keeper” stick.

Which is why I went back to what I blog about. Stories of life. Stories of my life being lived as a keeper of my home. All accounts being laid out there – the good, the bad, the sad, the funny, the awkward and the amazing. Chronicled.

Which, alas, brought about – Chronicles of a Keeper.

Thank you for stopping by to visit my little blog,


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