As you read [the Bible], pause frequently to meditate on the meaning of what you are reading. Absorb the Word into your system by dwelling on it, pondering it, going over it again and again in your mind, considering it from many different angles, until it becomes part of you. – Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Are looking for a place you can inhale words that breathe life into your soul? Me too. Isn’t that what we all yearn – a space where the smog falls away?

My lungs burn for these oxygen-filled words, suffocation imminent without them. Scripture – the lungs of the great I am fill every word. I can feel the replenishment as I breathe, drawing in life with every breath.

While in this place I find myself uncovering  beauty that is pure and goodness that is perfect in the revealing of a holy God; It shifts my thinking and realigns my heart.

I am journeying through this life striving to abide where life is breathed into all the areas that make up who I am. I stumble often. But, nevertheless, because of His sustaining grace, I endeavor.

Here is where I write with a purpose. My journey revealed through thoughts and inspirations — chronicles of the ordinary lived out in light of His extraordinary. In the pursuit of Truth, I strive to write words reflecting the beauty and goodness of a faithful and perfect God, who is rich in mercy and abounding in love.  His Word, breathing it in so as to better know Him.

So, grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair. Let’s be refreshed together. Sit with me as we breathe Him in —- let it drive our worship of Him deeper; may it be spoken to us by His Spirit to reveal for refinement. Then you and I…let’s exhale Christ Jesus into the world around us.

By His Grace and For His Glory,


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