Winds of Change

The works of creation tell His Story and I feel their reverberating song deep in my bones.


Stories from the Homestead: Just Breathe

This last week has brought an unfolding within the global community. There is confusion, mixed feelings, strong feelings, love, hate, passion and apathy. It is overwhelming and difficult to take it all in. This, cupped with the struggles and problems of every day life, can leave a person feeling suffocated as we breathe in all…

A Perfect Peace in the Midst of a Raging War

The swirl of darkness - as that of a moonless night; no twinkling sparkle of even the slightest of stars pops through the heavy blanket of gloom. It envelopes. It digs. Mangled talons drive into depths deeper than that of an abyss. The emptiness providing a haven for iniquities that run deep as they do…