That moment when you decide to do something you never thought you would do…

Last night, I was at that moment; I was where I could say “yes” or say “no”. A text message I received placed me at a crossroads, I could move forward with a notion that had been brewing in my mind for a while or I could step back and let my notion be just that – a notion. Well, in a sudden moment of bravery…I cast caution to the wind. I texted back a quick reply, “yes”.

I was up late into the night, preparing. It had to be just right, less than perfect would not do. I browsed website after website. Meanings, definitions, fonts….it was becoming overwhelming. You see, I thought I would have more time. The appointment, it was supposed to be a little further out in the future.

But, thanks to my sister’s help in a joint late night search through many many font websites (which I am convinced some of these websites may or may not have threatened the security software on my computer) and a chance happening across a She Reads Truth study over the book of Hosea (I really recommend you check it out)…I found it. Morning came. I was mere hours away from the big moment. My friend was texting and encouraging me, telling me that I could do it and to not worry (which this may have been partially due to the fact that she was making the same decision as me and we were going to do this together). It was finally time. And though my brave friend initially offered to go first so I could see that it wasn’t that bad, we both thought better of it when the Friends episode came to our minds…you know the one where Phoebe talks Rachel into getting a tattoo with her, and then only Rachel emerges with one. So, it was decided that I was to go first, as I was the obvious Phoebe of this situation.

We entered the place of business and after digging slips of paper that revealed the word I had chosen in various sizes out of my Ann Voskamp book… and after I was informed that the size I chose was not a great choice and to go bigger…we finally had a stencil made and we were in business. I was sent back to “the room” (that is not what they called it…that was totally what I imagined it being called in my head). So there I sat, on a cold little chair, in someone’s little and seemingly sterile office space sportin’ my Gap cardigan and a pair of Target slip-on sensible flats (in Cognac) – I was ready not ready. It was time to get the much anticipated and equally dreaded tattoo. 

That is, until I saw my tattoo was about to be placed upside down on my wrist. I am not one to usually speak up…but noting the permanency of the situation, I did manage to squeak out a question about my tattoo. This led to a back and forth conversation, which led to an enlightenment concerning tattoos – apparently “upside down” to me, is “right side” up in the world of tattoos. I did not want to look at my wrist and see an upside down word. So, much to my tattoo artist’s chagrin, I requested the tattoo be placed to where it was “right side” up to me.

Don’t be fooled by the smiling woman in the photo below…She was but a brief moment away from hurling or fainting from the thought of the soon to be needle that would be permanently injecting ink into her skin. 


Once the placement of the stencil was on and agreed upon, I turned my head and did not observe anything that happened until it was over.

My friend, well, she is a champ. She may have had some jitters, but she totally faced them head on. 

So these two girls? They did it. They both wanted to do something that they never thought they would do. Together (thanks to the awesome tattoo artist connection her husband has) they finally were able to take the plunge without looking back. It was an awesome day.

I love my tattoo. I love that I was able to go and have it done with my friend. I love now having a simple and constant reminder of my own testimony – a reminder of the God who pursued and loved me, even when I turned away and was undeserving; A reminder of the God that I can pursue, only because He pursued me first



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