Making my own baby food was certainly not something I originally anticipated doing. I liked the idea of making it, but was nervous to try. I was scared I would somehow mess up food that my baby would be ingesting. I remember others telling me how easy it was and how much their baby loved the food, but I still had that uneasy feeling of failing and feeding my daughter something that should not be consumed by anyone.

I did a little research (and was overwhelmed by many blogs) and started to feel like I was making this harder than it needed to be. I was so focused on what type of steamer to use, what type of processor, and on and on the list went. I just wanted to do it right.

At Miss Priss’ 6 month doctor visit, I was visiting with her pediatrician and we were talking about introducing foods. He asked the question…”are you planning on making your own food?” I stuttered out my response, “umm, yeah, well…I want to”. He smiled and said, “Oh, that is great!” and proceeded to tell me how easy it was and that he was glad I was going that route. So, I asked him the question that had caused me so much chagrin in the last few weeks…”How do I make her food?”. The answer, so simple.

Steam the vegetable or fruit (with the steamer I already have), puree it (with the Ninja I already have), and freeze it; the exception was avocado and bananas, those I could just mash and serve. I felt relief from his words. I love our pediatrician. I was so excited that I didn’t have to worry about purchasing all the kits and items that I read I should buy to make homemade baby food, I could use what I had at home. I was excited to go out, buy some veggies, and make my own baby food.

I have loved being able to make my own baby food. It does not take much time and it is so nice to know exactly what is going into my baby’s body…especially after watching a video that is going around on Facebook where there were maggots in a pouch of baby food. Gross.

I do use as a resource for making my baby food…this Food Chart is especially helpful.

Homemade Baby Food…Simply Done.

I use whatever produce I find on sale.

Peel, slice and place it on my steamer.

Cover it and let it steam.

Once it has been steamed, I place the veggie or fruit in my Ninja. (If you were wondering, I just took pictures as I was making some different foods…so this is not what your pears will look like steamed and pureed)

I add the pureed food to some ice trays, cover them with plastic wrap and freeze them.

Corn, Spinach, and Pear

I store the food cubes in a freezer bag.

I LOVE having food cubes. It makes it so easy and fun to make different meal combinations.

Miss Priss enjoys having fruit with her cereal in the mornings.

One blueberry cube mixed in with her cereal

Yep, this little girl loves her food (and I love being able to make it for her).


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