This weekend our garden was able to get some MUCH needed attention. It seriously was in dire need of care. We have these awful weeds and beyond hardy grass that just grows everywhere. It is so obnoxious. It was a constant battle this summer. Weeds and grass grew into our raised garden beds and pretty much took over. My poor fingers couldn’t keep up with all the pulling of weeds that needed to take place.

We decided we needed to rethink how we were going to do our garden for next year. What we were currently doing was not working. I love raised beds, unfortunately, ours were doing no good…so we decided to raise them even more.

We went to work on getting two of our beds done this weekend.

Well, maybe not everyone was working…

He did enjoy hunting some worms…

He wanted to share them with Gertie and Gracie…

Lil’ Man did help when it was time to stack the pile of wood

He also helped monitor the fire…

Anyway, back to our new beds…

I love them!
I wanted my beds to have character

Some more views…

A picture of one of the old beds with the new beds (so you can see how much we raised them)…

I think we are really going to enjoy the new beds come spring.


2 thoughts on “Stories from the Homestead: Raised Garden Beds

  1. What type is soil did you put in the bottom? I have tall ones but can’t afford to fill it all with growing soil. Thank you, Traci


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