Every Tuesday night for dinner we get together with my sister and her family.

It originally started because Tuesday is “all you can eat ribs” at a local BBQ place. This, in no way, excited my sister or I. Our husbands, however thought this was the greatest thing that could ever happen to them. So we ate there every Tuesday night. After a few months, yes months, my sister and I finally said, no more. We could no longer handle eating BBQ every week. It was too much.

We did keep up the Tuesday night tradition of eating together. Usually, we eat out somewhere, but this last week my sister invited us over for some homemade calzones. They were so good and so easy…I just had to share.

What You Need:

* 1-2 packages of pizza crust mix

* 1 jar of pizza sauce

* Shredded cheese

* Whatever meat/veggies you want as a filling (she used pepperoni and sausage)

What To Do:

* Follow directions on pizza crust package. Instead of rolling out a large circle for a pizza, make smaller circles.

* Add pizza sauce, cheese, and any other ingredients you want in your calzone on half of your dough circle

* Fold over other side of dough and pinch all around the edges

* Bake for 20 minutes on 350 degrees


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