Wednesday, July 18th: This morning we were a little lazy. We lounged and took our time getting around. Since we (obviously) missed breakfast at the hotel, we took a little drive to a place that came highly recommended – Snooze. Yes, Snooze.

Let me just say I am LOVING all these local eateries here in Denver. I would definitely have to utilize having the mountains to go hiking in and bikes to ride everywhere if I lived here.

Back to Snooze. Let me just get my corny line out of the way – If you snooze…you most definitely will not lose. I think this place is a definite win for any person’s taste. It was a 30 minute wait, but it was well worth it. While we were waiting outside, a group of guys came and waited next to us. Why mention this? Oh, they were the guys from Jersey Guys. They are here on tour and decided to have breakfast this morning at Snooze too. I didn’t want to ask for a picture and be “that person”; I tried to sneak a pic and that didn’t work, all I got was the pole next to me.

Anyway. Snooze. The pancakes I ordered, phenomenal. I ordered a sweet potato pancake, pineapple upside down pancake, and a donut glaze pancake. All three were delicious; donut glaze was my favorite.

There it is, Snooze.

Tell me, does this not make your mouth water???

Here we are happy and anticipating our breakfast.

Here…not so happy; Lil’ Man had just fallen out of the booth. Head first.

Today was kind of a “do nothing” day. After breakfast, we went to the Bass Pro Shop. Lil’ Man is now a proud owner of his very first fishing pole. A collapsible pole that he can carry in his own backpack. Oh yeah, it is also a SPIDERMAN fishing pole.

He is practicing hiking with his new gear.

He loved all the photo spots. 🙂

He chose to be dramatic with this one

After the Bass Pro and after lounging at the room for awhile, we met uncle Arick at a place akin to Eischens (all you OKC people know what I am talking about)…except think burgers. It is called Duffy’s Cherry Cricket. It is down in the Cherry Creek area of Denver. You may have seen it on Man vs. Food before. I had a junior cricket burger with bacon, avocado, and freshly chopped jalapeno. Here is how it works. Order your burger and then choose from about 21 various add-ons. It is a fantastic burger. An über burger one might say. What a yummy evening…thanks again, Arick for another yummy place to eat.

Now, it is time to snuggle in bed and relax….and play a little bit of Angry Birds.


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