Thursday, July 19th: It is Water World day! We started our day out with a yummy brunch at Wild Eggs. I had an amazing dish that I will be working to replicate at home…it involves – salsa verde and a lime juice/ chile mix. Super yummy. I will post my own version once I have it figured out. So, stay tuned.

Water World was so much fun. Let me just say I am 29 and this was my FIRST visit to a water park. Although I was limited to only the “family” rides, I still had a blast! Lil’ Man really enjoyed the water rides too. I think he enjoyed the Voyage to the Center of the Earth the most. Why? Because it had DINOSAURS. “Like Dino Dan.”

Funny thing about that ride. He had fallen asleep as I was holding him while we waited in line. He woke up when we were actually in our tube and the ride had started…a little bit of cold water splashed on you would wake anyone from a deep slumber. No matter though, as I said, he was really excited about the dinosaurs.

He also loved the kiddie area. I have to admit, it was pretty nice.  Lil’ Man and I spent quite a bit of time there and stopped to have a little bit of ice cream while the boys (L and his brother) rode some of the bigger rides.

Here are some pics from the smaller of the kiddie areas.

Our last night in Denver. Bittersweet. We have had such an amazing time here. Our last dinner in Denver had a “at home feel”…good ole’ Qdoba. One of my FAVORITE places to eat; I also, finally, had my Diet Dr. Pepper. 4 days without is 4 days too many.

Goodnight Denver, it has been great!


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