Tuesday, July 17th: What a lucky girl I am. Woke up this morning to breakfast in bed. My sweet husband knew I was too tired to get up and it make to breakfast before the hotel shut it down, so, he got up went downstairs grabbed me some breakfast and brought it up to me (and some for Lil’ Man as well); seriously, what a great husband/dad! Sure was a great way to start off my day!

After breakfast, we quickly got ready to go and headed out to pick up Uncle Arick. We went and had coffee at a cute little coffee shop down the street from where Arick lives and visited for awhile. Lil’ Man enjoyed the kid area they had.

After our caffeine break…we headed downtown to the Denver Aquarium. We had a great time there. Lil’ Man loved looking at all the fish; he did not enjoy touching the stingrays.

Isn’t that a GIANT fish?!?

He was ENTHRALLED when he saw Nemo. “Mama, look, Nemo!!!”

He really thought he was something when he was “in the water” with the fish.

He was scared to put his head into the helmet.

We really enjoyed our time at the aquarium…so much so, that we worked up quite an appetite. Arick had just the place for us to go eat in downtown Denver – Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs. One word. Delish. I am not a big hot dog fan, but these were really good. I am not the only that thinks so; In fact, Anthony Bourdain said this about Biker Jim’s, “I ordered five dogs and wiped out a cumulative total of three-and-a half. The elk was excellent, the wild boar was really extraordinary and the reindeer was perfect, really awesome and probably my favorite.” -Celebrity chef and host of Travel Channel’s “No Reservations”

Here is a picture of my dog…I chose to eat the Alaskan Reindeer hot dog with cream cheese and caramelized onions. I added some of my own toppings as well – ketchup (of course), chopped onions, and jalapeño….mmm, GOOD!

After eating our fill, we came back to the hotel and the boys decided to go for a swim; I decided to take a nap.

We ended the night at delightful little place called The Blue Bonnet Cafe. A superb Mexican restaurant in Denver, CO. I had a chile lime chicken taco and a chicken adovado taco. If ever in Denver, I highly recommend this restaurant. I loved how everything was made fresh, even the chips. There was not a greasy feel to the food; it was perfect.


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