I am a contributor for the Creating a Great Day blog. Check out my post about marriage on their website: When Your Marriage is not enough. 

“I sit here today and my mind recollects the past 7 years of our lives as one. Our marriage has seen so many good and beautiful moments and just the same, it has seen some hard and ugly moments. It seems that for as many times as we have been on cloud nine together, we also have been galaxies apart from each other.  And this is where it just gets messy and confusing. It is often portrayed that your spouse (i.e. -“The One” or your “soulmate”) is supposed to fill that empty space inside of you and that once you have found him/her, then your happiness is fulfilled. After all, isn’t that where the happy ending is found at the end of the sappy and romantic movie?” (click on the link above to read more.)


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