I recently asked several ladies to share some of their thoughts and experiences with you. I wanted them to center in on marriage – the good and/or the mess it can be. I wanted to share with you testimony after testimony of a God who restores, a God who fulfills, and a God who loves and satisfies like no one else can. Because this involves some (a lot) of vulnerability, I am keeping all posts anonymous…I don’t even know whose response belongs to who; every survey was returned to me anonymously.
I hope you will be blessed and encouraged as you read the stories and thoughts this group of women share with you. I am so thankful for their honesty, their vulnerability and their desire to point others to Jesus. God is good and when we can rest in His goodness and grace, we are better equipped to shine the light of the gospel. Enjoy.
Testimony #1: Through the Fire

God has saved my marriage more than once…probably even more than the times I remember. He saved my marriage from my husband’s addiction to pornography and our lack of true intimacy. He has been free since 2008 and I can’t express how restored our marriage feels. God also saved my marriage in a year of emotional confusion for myself. As a woman, I know it is easy to lose sight of my identity if it is not grounded in Christ. For a season in our marriage, I did not know who I was – and I allowed influences and another man to walk into my life emotionally. I thank God that He had a city of angels around me and that I had spiritual mentors who were able to pray and rebuke that situation. It could have ended my marriage and my relationship with so many. I know God goes before us, behind us, and beside us. I know He had shields surrounding my marriage from the fiery darts!

Fighting for love in a broken marriage. Goodness…this is so extremely difficult but it is possible. We have to look at the spiritual side of things not just the man called our spouse. It’s easy to look at what “he did” and justify actions of anger, resentment, bitterness but we have to push back thoughts and take every thought captive. We have to know that we are not fighting against flesh and blood but against the principalities of a dark world. The best way to fight through a broken marriage is through prayer, tons of grace, and through the mentoring of someone who has been there before. We have to learn to speak life even if our feelings are “hate”. We speak positive even when we do not believe. What we confess and what we speak, give power and life to a person.

The beauty of a Christ centered marriage is finally having the freedom to express, dream, and learn and have fun together. True intimacy is only found when the mind and heart are truly pure. So many marriages are filled with lust, porn, & comparison; without Christ, true intimacy is impossible. By the renewing of our mind and placing boundaries we can find intimacy the way God intended.

Loving God first allows us to have an intimate relationship with the father – to know love and to experience forgiveness. If we are unable to be loved by the creator then we are unable to be loved by our spouse. If we get that out of order then idols can take place in the marriage and before long we are on separate paths and doing our own thing. When we love God first he aligns every step after that; when we put Him first, all paths will be straight. We use our marriage to point others to Christ by the words of our testimony. We shine what God has done in our own marriage: how He was faithful in the darkest nights and how His love can change the pattern and behaviors of our existence.

We use our marriage to point others to Christby the words of our testimony.God can change the patterns and behaviorsof ourexistence.


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