There is not a time in my life where I can recall loving mornings. I have, at times, loved the idea of loving mornings but I have never actually arrived at the place where mornings and love coexisted. I am definitely more of a night owl –  that is when I can accomplish the most. However, I am looking to change some of the ill feelings I have towards morning.

My mornings usually begin with my own quiet time, as long as I can beat my early-riser of a daughter to it. I am usually content to stay in those quietest of moments until the rest of the house awakens and are ready to go. THAT is the part I struggle with the most. It is hard for me to get excited and energized for the day when my brain is still functioning at a 25% capacity.

I decided that this year, I was going to try and be more intentional and purposeful with my – time, decisions, marriage, family, and friends; I didn’t want to have any wasted opportunities to glorify God in any of these areas.

As I began to look for where and how to be more purposeful, I saw that my mornings were in dire need. So, that is where I began. I made a very simple, but nifty, chart that helps me plan what we are going to be eating every day for – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Having a plan in place for what I will be making when I wake up every morning is definitely a motivator for me. I know I won’t stand in front of the refrigerator/pantry for 20 minutes contemplating what to make and then end up just pouring a bowl of cereal. (It also helps with the grocery bill to have everything planned out for the week)

Along with having a set breakfast plan in place, I have also decided to engage the kiddos more in the process. It allows us time for conversation and gives me an opportunity to pour some real meaning into their little lives as well. Here is what our mornings have looked like since I have made a change in our schedule and been more intentional with our time…

We enjoy having this Pandora station playing.

They love playing a part in the breakfast making experience.

Yes, they love to use aprons.   


One of our favorite morning meals.

Continuing listening to music we enjoy as we cook (Same station, different song).

Eating is something everyone enjoys participating in doing.

I get to watch sweet little moments between big brother and little sister.


Tummies are fed and so are souls. It is a perfect time to read a chapter of scripture while casually enjoying a meal. I have found that our discussions over what I have read are so much more organic and free-flowing than when we are in a forced sit down time. Incorporating this special time into our morning has also helped me be able to weave God into the whole day and not just in those “devotional” moments.

While I still may not be completely head-over-heels with those first hours of the day, I am definitely learning to love mornings and the experiences, moments and opportunities that can come from them when I choose to be purposeful.



4 thoughts on “Learning to Love Mornings

  1. Beautiful post with great intentions for mornings!! (And I LOVE All Sons and Daughters!! I listen a station on pandora patterned after their music. “Called Me Higher” is one of my favorites, and great music for attuning my heart to God’s voice in the mornings!) By the way, your kids are adorable mixing up pancakes!

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