Today’s Make it Monday will be a recipe that I found as I was rummaging through old blog posts. This is one of our favorite meals and has been added to our menu for this week. Although a recipe that we find ourselves eating anytime throughout the year, it is especially a favorite during the autumn and winter seasons.

While this recipe is not made in a crock pot, you can easily adjust it to do so.

What You Need:

* 3-4 cups of dry pinto beans

* 1 tsp. of baking soda

* Handful of cilantro (chopped)

* Half an onion (chopped)

* 4-5 garlic cloves (minced)

* 1 smoked turkey leg

* 1 can of Rotel

* Salt (to taste)

What To Do:

* Rinse and soak beans overnight with baking soda

* Discard soaking water

* Combine beans, cilantro, onion, garlic, turkey leg, Rotel, and salt in a large stockpot/dutch oven

* Add 6 cups of water

* Bring to a boil for about 20 minutes

* Reduce heat and let simmer until beans are soft (this can take a few hours)

* Remove meat from turkey leg and return meat to pot of beans

* Garnish with sour cream and/or avocado

(I also like to eat mine with a nice warm piece of french bread that is accompanied with a smattering of butter)



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