The first day of school. 

It looks different every year, never being the same twice. I taught for 8 years and I never had a first day of school that was alike. Now enter my new role as a homeschool mom, I am finding that still to be true.

Last year, Lil’ Man started Pre-K. I was pumped and ready to go. I had lesson plans made and I had our daily schedule all mapped out precisely – the math block, the music block, the language arts block, etc. 

Then reality hit me in the face.

Well, along with my good friend talking some sense into me and the realization that I was pushing too much and too hard – I finally decided to change our schedule mid-way through last school year. Not that he was unable to handle the immense work load that was heaped upon him…it just was not necessary. 

We started this year with what I would like to call, a relaxed intensity. Our day – is planned and it is purposeful. It is flexible and it is engaging. The goal is to create a school environment that will have Lil’ Man’s mind thriving, imagination brewing and creativity overflowing. 

Here is a peek at some of yesterday’s first day of school activities:

Working with cubes to create ABB patterns. 


Miss Priss and my sweet nephew and niece also enjoyed exploring with the cubes as well.


Working on letter formation during writing time.


The others took this opportunity to explore the letter “a” through coloring.


Everyone enjoyed investigating the weird and amazing thing called Magic Nuudles.


Who does not want to take a little break after lunch for some Reading Rainbow?

Couple in some reading time and, of course, some playing – we had a very successful first day of school.

Has anyone else started school? How was your first day of school? Any favorite moments?


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