The invitation.

My youngest brother, who is in college, has been involved in a business project that competes at various levels with other universities across our state. It is a “battle”, if you will, to see who will win The Govenor’s Cup. I don’t know much about it…but I do know it is a long and tedious process. Here is a snippet from the website“The Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup is a statewide collegiate business plan competition that simulates the real world process of researching a market, writing a business plan and making a presentation to potential investors.”  So, for his team to beat out other teams and make it to the “the top 6”, well, it is really awesome.

Here is where I come in. The awards banquet for the Governor’s Cup just happens to be hosted not too far from where my sister and I live. So, he invited us to be his guests.

I was completely 100% excited to be there to support my brother; I was completely 100% excited to go out and mingle with other adults, without kids. Friends, I love my kids…a whole-hearted and would-not-change-anything-about-my-life kind of love for them is what I have. However, for seven days out of the week, I am never but a sneeze away from them 

The roadblock.

Okay, I am literally T-minus 24 hours away from a night out without the kiddos. I am going to be dressed in something other than yoga pants and a t-shirt or skinny jeans and a cardigan. My shoes? No Bobs (Toms alter ego), flip-flops or any other kind of sensible flats will you find me wearing. I will have make-up on. My hair…well, I will what I can do. 

I am pumped.

Then the phone call. “Honey, something came up at work. I am going to have to work later than I am supposed to tomorrow night. When do I need to be home so you can leave?” “Oh, as long as you are home by 4:30 we will be good.” Silence 

So I tried to find someone who could watch the kids until he got off work…to no avail. My heart was starting to sink. So much for “my night out”.  

I was on the cusp of having my own party, only pity was invited.

But, y’all. My husband…guys he loves me. He straight had some serious and stressful things going on at work and he stopped worrying about all that and thought only of me and my needs. He called me, again. “I called my mom, she will be at the house by 4:30 to watch the kids.” 

I, of course, argued. I hate to put people out. I knew she would have to leave straight from work and drive over an hour to get to my house. It was too much to ask. 

My husband insisted. He was trying to take care of me and my needs…even when their was a huge roadblock in front of him. He said there was no arguing it.

The preparations.

Well…how does a homeschool mother of three (and former teacher) even begin to get ready for a business award banquet? A banquet that will have some prominent guests. Let me tell you.

1. I have an awesome sister-in-law who happens to be very fashionable. Thanks to her, I had these beautiful Kendra Scott earrings to dawn on, my normally, bare ears.


2. Kohls. I literally ran in and grabbed a button-up blouse and coordinating cami (ahem…Spanx) to wear underneath said blouse. Thankfully, I had a pencil skirt at home…back from my days in the classroom. 

3. Bare Minerals. For my dark and baggy eyes


4. Lipstick. I started to reach for my Burt’s Bees tinted lipgloss and then stopped myself. Friends, I was doing lipstick tonight. 

5. Somewhere, in the deepest darkest corner of my closet, I had these. 


The event.

We arrived, on time (which is very rare for me these days). We were given our assigned table number. We gracefully made our way to it. I sat down and I smiled.


There was dessert (that I didn’t have to share), there was actual glassware, and silverware (you know, not the plastic stuff).

My sister (a teacher and mother of two) and I pretended we belonged in such a place.

We made our brother take a picture with us.


We had so much fun. We ate, we laughed, we talked, we laughed, we watched a pretty cool awards presentation, and, of course, we laughed some more.

It was a great evening spent with a couple of my siblings. It was nice to enjoy a few hours away from the general constant neediness at home. It was nice to eat a meal at a steady pace. It was nice to enjoy a dessert

It was nice…to come home. To my sweet husband. My crazy kids. My home. 

I mean…

Where else can I experience this…


Who really wants to be trying to sleep at 11:00 at night???


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