Rain, rain, rain. It is hard to complain about the rain. As much of a mess as it can cause here at my not-enough-grass homestead, I will welcome it with open arms. Living in a state that is battling drought issues, you know to smile and give thanks when those little drops of precipitation fall from the sky. 

My garden, it loves the rain. A week of off and on rain ensures hydration. My plants will not suffer any moments of being parched due to the lack of being watered (by me) when we have these days of rain. It is lovely. 

Speaking of my garden.

Things are looking quite promising – 




Except in the herb department. My poor cilantro is struggling. By struggling, I mean struggling.


So, as far as the overall garden front goes, I am…hopeful. 

My chickens and goats? Well, they are not as keen on the rain as my garden. For them it means being held hostage in their coops/barns instead of roaming freely about. 

But even still, the chickens are doing well. All except the fact that there is a desperate need to reduce our flock to only ONE rooster. I have finally figured out which rooster needs to go…now it is just a matter of figuring out how he will go.

The goats, they are finally warming up to all of us. They aren’t nearly as skittish as when we first got them. Josie, in particular, is very fond of Lil’ Man. 


The next thing on my to-do list here at the homestead is…

– To trim the goats hooves (that will be interesting), give my goats another round of dewormer, and get them a little toy or two. They love to jump on things and play. 

– Mow around my garden beds. It is looking pretty despicable out there. I hate weeds.

– Clip my chickens’ wings, get some better roosts put in their coop, and buy a big metal feeder for them. 

We will see what gets accomplished over the next week and what will continue to get passed on to another week’s agenda. It really depends on what the weather has in store for us next week. That is always the ultimate deciding factor of what will get accomplished. 

Enjoy your Thursday, everyone! 


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