Well…it’s Monday. It started off like any Monday should, with an ever increasing desire to go back to Friday. Oh, Friday.

I knew this particular Monday would be crazy the moment I woke up from an interesting and purely outlandish dream. A dream where I found myself at a bar…with my sister (okay, possible. We have been known to enjoy a glass of Risqué or a Grasshopper every now and then), my mom (umm, she must only be there to obtain some fire water for her homemade herb medicines, “tinctures”), and with my baby boy (????). 

My crazy-Monday prediction was then verified by the sudden clap of thunder and burst of lightening that brought forth tumultuous wind and rain…as I was about to go take care of my animals. Going outside to take care of my goats and chickens while it is storming is, well, it is just nettlesome. Especially on a day when I need no further interruptions or delays…It is Classical Conversations day and we should be there by 9:00 a.m. (I strongly emphasize, should). 

So, yes. It is Monday; it is crazy. It is haphazard, it is muddy. It is running late; it is my hair strongly protesting a spring mist. It is my house looking like an Oklahoma tornado ran through it; it is Monday.

But, in the mess of Monday, comes mercy.

A mercy that is found when I stepped on my scale this morning to see that I did not gain five pounds after a week of no excercise and an over abundant consumption of chocolate chip cookies. 

A mercy that is found when listening to the promises and truths of God’s word being sung from my kids Slugs and Bugs cd in the car. 

A mercy that is found in uplifting and enjoyable conversation with friends during a morning at CC.

A mercy that is found in the wonderful and efficient service at a Chick-Fil-A drive-thru, even while it is pouring down rain. 

A mercy that is found in that quiet moment at home when 2 little ones are down for a nap and another is peacefully enjoying a picnic while watching Rescue Bots.

Yes, the mercies are there. In the midst of life’s imperfect moments is a perfect God. I’m so thankful for His little drops of mercy.

Friends, if your Monday is going well, great! But, if not…I hope that in the mess that might be your Monday, you too will find your little drops of mercy. When you find them, give thanks to the One who sent them your way. 



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