What better picture to commemorate National Sibling(s) Day with, than the token sibling Christmas tree picture…from about 13 yeas ago. Bless. 


What a crew we are. A range of almost 11 years between oldest and youngest, we make quite the group. We are all so very different, yet so very much the same. I love the close relationship I have with my siblings. It is something I will never take for granted. 

I would love to go all sentimental with this post. Because, seriously, there is so much to say about us. When siblings can merge an ordinary sibling relationship with a deep and meaningful friendship, y’all, you are left with something amazing. 

I’ll just say this…

We are a group of crazies, for sure. But, we love each other and are always there for each other. Plus, we are the only people I know, who, on the spot, can successfully answer and finish the line after this complex question…

“If I gave you a dollar and your father gave you a dollar, how many dollars would you have?” 

If you too can correctly answer this, welcome to the fold. 

Happy Siblings Day!


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