1. I have recently discovered these yummy little treats. L picked some up at the store the other day. I thought he was crazy at first and I refused to try them, the thought of eating dried up okra was…bleh. He finally convinced me to try one. Umm…SO GOOD.

2.  Shower bombs. I love adding a few drops of essential oils to a hot steamy shower, it is amazing. I wanted to find a way to stretch my oils and increase the longevity of its aroma while in the shower. I found some amazing recipes and made some of these pretty cool shower bombs. You can get the recipe here.

Miss Priss enjoyed being able to help make them.

3. Children being old enough to help out with chores around the house definitely gets added to my favorites this week. Character building, people. Character.Building.

4. Tater tot casserole on a Friday night. You can get the recipe for it here.

5. Group texts with my siblings. We are all so…wonderfully weird. I love it. I so love how close we all are to each other. We enjoy hanging out together, quoting lines from The Three Stooges together and are ALWAYS up for playing a game when we are together. 

So, there you have it. My Five Friday Favorites. 


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