Our Branson fun began with a trip to Lambert’s Cafe. Yum!

Lil’ Man was not all that impressed with the whole “throwing rolls” thing they had going on. He found it a bit rude.

After checking into our hotel, we hit the road looking for something fun to do.

We decided on some mini golf.

…and to really make sure we were having fun…donuts for DINNER (we were still pretty full from Lambert’s).

Then, finally, Wednesday came. Silver Dollar City day! One of my most favorite places to be growing up and now sharing it with my own little family, just makes me so happy.

First ride of the day…Fire in the Hole! Lil’ Man received a ribbon for riding his first roller coaster. He informed me, after riding it, that “it was scary, but I was very brave.”

Our second ride of the day…a water ride. In October. On a 50 degree day. No, we were not aware of it being a water ride. We were confused.

I was the grouchy lady complaining the whole time (I was also the one who got the most wet). My husband was the one laughing at the situation (mostly at me). Lil’ Man was not appreciative of being wet (as you can see from the picture below). Miss Priss, well, she was happy and enjoying her first ride.

We found some (dry) fun rides to take Lil’ Man on…

Both kids loved the carousel.

I loved The Great American Shootout. My family and I would ride this over and over when I was younger. My dad and I would always compete for who shot the most targets and got the most points. L and I competed…I couldn’t pull off a win. It was so fun starting these memories/traditions together.

You can’t go to Silver Dollar City without riding the train…

or stopping by Carrie’s Candles and making your own candle.

Our third day, started off at a questionable breakfast buffet. Although, what else could we have expected when eating at a place with a giant rooster named “Mr. Peck” on the outside of their building…for breakfast.

We then did a little shopping at the outlet mall. Lil’ Man was completely oblivious to the fact that we picked out, purchased and walked out of the store (in a clear bag) with his Christmas gifts…all with him next to us the whole time.

Our next stop was to go to Ride The Ducks. Miss Priss and I spent most of the ride trying to keep our hair out of our face. Lil’ Man decided to forgo his opportunity to be captain for a minute or two and “drive” the duck while in the water at Table Rock lake. Silly kid.

After a long exhausting day, what better to do than go for a swim? So, that is what we did. Lil’ Man loved the indoor “Splashatorium” our hotel has. He was especially thrilled when he met a little boy who shared his name…it was an instant friendship for the two boys.

We then moseyed on down to the activity center.

Then it was finally time for s’mores. The place we stayed at…The Welk Resort…has activities planned throughout the day everyday of the week…you know, like on Dirty Dancing. (Well, not quite like on Dirty Dancing, but that is what it reminded me of)

S’mores was the activity we decided we couldn’t miss.

We also enjoyed laying back and counting the stars…

Day four, we stopped by Silver Dollar City again. What should have been a 12 minute drive turned into an hour drive. Traffic was terrible, which in turn meant Silver Dollar City was PACKED. We were very thankful we had gone on Wednesday and did everything we wanted to do. We did get in some photo ops though…

Lil’ Man took our picture. The sign was supposed to be in the middle of our picture, which is why L and I are sitting apart. He, however, was not angled correctly to catch it. It was supposed to be a really cute anniversary picture. Oh well.

Some random pictures…

We almost let the most obvious of photo spots slip by! (I couldn’t get the picture with the whole word “city” to upload, but we do have it)

Later that evening…more mini golf. Lil’ Man has a new obsession. That is all he wanted to do. He especially loved the dinosaur course.

Then after a very long day, it was time to relax. Nothing like watching some old Garfield and Friends cartoons on Netflix while eating Teddy Grahams…or slobbering on a stuffed animal.

Five days (and 10 pounds) later…it was time to head home. We loved our anniversary/family vacation. Being back in the place where we went on our honeymoon with our own little family was so fun and special. We carried on traditions and made new ones. I am looking forward to when we can go back again.


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