Sunday, July 15th:

Surprisingly enough, morning came and we found ourselves, oddly, feeling quite rested. We did not need to utilize our later check-out. In fact, we were up showered and ready to go right at normal checkout.

For breakfast we stopped at this AMAZING little place called “Sharky’s”.

Lil’ Man loved his pancake…it looked like a bear. 🙂

I was so excited when we picked up my brother, who is working at a lodge in this area. It was so good to see him. From there, my brother took us out to a favorite hiking trail of his. I thought we were going for a “light and easy” hike. Nope. We were out there all day. I was so extremely tired and SORE when we were done. As we speak, my poor muscles are still aching.

The hike. This hike was so incredible. We saw some beautiful water cascades, streams, meadows with beautiful brooks, incredible rock formations, and…AND some beautiful wildlife. We saw a bull moose and then a momma moose with her baby. Both times we just happened to see them off to the side of the trail we were on. It was so awesome to just run into them out there. Yes, I was a little scared, especially when I learned how dangerous they CAN be. Thankfully all went well. On our way back, we also saw a deer right on the ledge to the right of where we were hiking. So awesome! Here are a couple of pics I took with my phone…soon I will have pics posted from our camera.

We finished the day eating dinner at a fun little place called “The Sagebrush”. It was really good and I especially enjoyed my buffalo burger. That was the first time I have ever eaten buffalo meat. Since it is a lean meat, I may have to start buying more of it…it was pretty fantastic.

I am excited to see what adventures are in store for us tomorrow.


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