We made these back in the fall and instead of “HOPE” it said “FALL” and the background had an autumn theme as well. Since fall has come and gone, we finally updated it for a more “year round” look. 

They are really easy to make and can add character to any room. 

What to use:

* picture frames (we bought ours at Hobby Lobby, 50% off)

* scrapbook paper

* cardboard

* modge podge 

* chipboard letters (Hobby Lobby has sales on them all the time)

* paint (optional…we used paint for the “FALL” letters and  

   scrapbook paper for the “HOPE” letters)

What to do:

* cut your cardboard to fit the frame.

* modge podge paper onto cardboard

* paint (or modge podge paper to) letters

* place your cardboard into frame

* modge letters onto paper covered cardboard

These nifty little things are PERFECT for holding those fruits and veggies that  just don’t have a good spot. My mom saw (on pinterest) someone use magazine racks to do this. We could not find any (that were decently priced), so my mom came up with this idea. Big Lots have these garden baskets for $7 dollars right now…woo hoo! We just cut out some cardboard to fit the back and modge podged fabric onto it. Again, very simple, useful, different, and I LOVE them!


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