Thoughts For Today:

Cooking – 

I was recently talking to some people about my love for cooking. I, always reflecting on things, thought more about it today. I believe I have narrowed down my love for cooking based on these two things.

~ I am a people pleaser. I love to cook a meal and see the reactions of people as they eat the food I prepared for them. I could cook all day and be perfectly satisfied to just watch people enjoy the meal I just made without ever getting to eat any myself.

~Memories. Just about everytime I go to make a meal, I think about my dear Mama Linda. My great-grandmother and I spent many times in her kitchen as I helped her make various meals. The funny thing is…all these memories of cooking with her and learning some of her recipes happened before I was even 12 years old. Those memories are priceless. I loved cooking next to her and listening to her talk (I could usually understand about half of the conversation because she only spoke in Spanish to me) about life – the big and small things. She took great pride in cooking for her loved ones; I am so glad that is something I inherited from her. Now that she is gone, I love cooking even more. It is my way of remembering her. What I wouldn’t give for one more time in the kitchen with her.

Speaking of cooking. A meal I made today, which I found on pinterest, was very good and perfect for a night like tonight. I tweaked it a bit…added a dollop or two of sour cream, cilantro, lime, and tortilla chips. Very good.

                               Chicken Enchilada Soup (Thanks Real MOM Kitchen) 

A Dare; A Love Dare –

Lance and I have recently started reading a devotional called The Love Dare Day by Day. So far, we are really enjoying it. What makes it really handy, is that it is an app on the iPhone. So, it is always with us. Even if he is at work, we can do it together. It is devotional I would highly recommend. I want to share one of my favorite parts from it.

“Paul the apostle endured beatings, intense persecution, and hardship throughout his life. He did it for one reason alone: “Christ’s love” compelled him. If love began fueling your decisions, what would it drive you to do for your marriage?”

“Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 replacing the words “love” or “it” with your first name.” 

Our goal in doing this devotional is not to “fix” our marriage. Rather, we are wanting to build our marriage with God at the top of it. 3 years of married life have come and gone…and we have loved every moment. We know the key to keeping it great is to keep God in the forefront of our marriage.

A Few Good Men:

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6

I am currently looking for some good books to read on raising boys. Well, better said, raising boys to become strong men of God. I have recently felt the pressure of who I gave birth too, a precious little boy; A precious little boy that will grow up to be a young man…and then a man. EESH. Coming from a woman’s perspective…I know what I need to do to raise a woman after God’s heart…I am a little lost about how to raise a man after God’s heart. Please feel free to drop any good reads on this topic.

. “I’m fine(d)” –

Okay, so funny thing happened today. For all of you FRIENDS addicts out there (like me) you will appreciate this. I have seemed to catch this awful little cold. Nose is stuffy, head hurts, throat hurts, etc. My poor students have to listen to me all day as I cough, sneeze, blow my nose, and frankly, my voice sounds miserable.  Well, as it so happens, I am working with my CVCV group today (silent e) and we are reading words, making words, just having a good ole’ time with words. Towards the end of the group, I say “Okay, now I want you to spell the word fine“. They pop off the lid on their Expo marker…they excitedly and hurriedly write down the word on my table (yes, they get to write on my table with Expo markers during flex time). They all look up at me as the finish their word. Eyes are beaming and they are anticipating my approval and “congratulations” on spelling the word. I look at each child’s word…”find”, “find”, “finde”. I think to myself…really? So, I ask…”I want you to look at your word. Tell me what it says” Of course, they all proudly say “FIND!!!” One student explains to the other that there is no “silent e” in find…”it is a word that doesn’t follow the rules, remember?!?!” I finally ask why they all spelled the word FIND instead of FINE. They look at me with confusion on their face…one brave student finally says…”Mrs. Williams, you said find twice…we did spell find”. I stop to think for a moment, then it hit me. I looked at them and said, “Oh, I am sorry I meant fine (really worked hard to say it correctly), like ‘I am feeling fine’.” They just say “ohhh”, wrote the word and we moved on to close the lesson. I had to take a moment to LAUGH to/at myself. All I could think about was Monica on FRIENDS….”I’m fine(d)…I’m fine(d)” 

Tomorrow is Friday, with it comes new reasons to laugh, to enjoy, and to love this life!


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