Due to allergies having me sneezing and sniffling every 3 minutes…today’s video is going to be replaced with just a simple post. (You are welcome).

However, feel free to read along with me, even if we aren’t face to face. I will be reading in Psalm 103. As we read this Psalm, let’s meditate and ponder the specific truths we get to hold fast to, the truths that reveal more to us about who is our God.

Some things to consider while reading:

1. This Psalm shows us how David is remembering, reminding himself, of what God has done and how He is a forgiving God.
– Read Exodus 34:1-9
– Be reminded of God’s faithfulness and compassion to His
– See how David recalls truth as he quotes back the words
from Exodus 34:6 in Psalm 103:8

2. Be reminded to praise Him for all He has done and all He will
– Moses immediately knelt low to worship (Exodus 34:8)
– David:
1. Begins with praise (Psalm 103:1-2)
2. He recalls and states truth (Psalm 103:3-19)
3. He ends with praise (Psalm 103:20-22)

Our hearts that are prone to wander, our hearts that often falter, and our hearts that grieve…let them focus on who He is and be reminded and rejuvenated as they find their song in Him. Let us bless His name!

Bless the Lord


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