I have found that one of the reasons I love my realm of comfort so much, is that it rarely leaves a place for doubt. It is a space I feel most confident here. My sureness is not so easily threatened and I am more aware of the weak spots…and how to best avoid them. I am, if nothing else, a recovering perfectionist.

In an ever slow manner, however, I have come to see that my perfection does nothing more than point to a facade of greatness. The awkward me, the one who messes up and who most generally does not always get it right, can be well hidden. The growth is well tucked away.

It is leaning into my desire for His glory to be proclaimed that makes the new and the hard a place I am willing to walk through.

Some of those new and/or uncomfortable places, I recently wrote about here and here. Another “new” place, is discussed in the video below. It has me feeling like Moses…using my speech impediments and overall public speaking awkwardness as a crutch to stay right where I want to – in comfort. But, I think of all the many times when I have shied away from those places where the stirring in my heart meets my fears and uncertainty and I do not want to let that become a pattern.


Here, if you can get past the apparent camera-shy talking person and if you can hear the message outside of all the many “umms” and if you can look past the place of where I am very unsure and very awkward… you will see something else.

My hope – is that in spite of me, God will be most glorified; In spite of me, His truth will shine; In spite of me, that this can be something beautiful.

So, all of that to say…here is my first video blog..err, vlog…blog post and video. Whatever it is supposed to be, here it is.

All for His glory.


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