The Mission-Minded Mom Graphic

I have had the opportunity to write a blog post for Classes by Beth Plus where there is a celebration of mothers going on over there this week. Here is an excerpt to the post, click on the link below to read the full post.

A Mission-Minded Mom: Turning Ordinary Moments Into Kingdom Moments

“Mamas out there, hear me when I say, Everything you are doing -right now- should be done as if you were in the throne room of heaven accomplishing it for the Most High God. Approach the mundane with an attitude of a servant, a servant of the King. Everything you do for Him can be used by Him for His kingdom. Little moments that go unnoticed, are seen by a loving Father. Tears of frustration and stress are seen and wiped away by the Joy-Giver. When the unlovely and predictable moments of motherhood are ever at your doorstep, greet them with the heart and mind of a woman on a mission for the kingdom. Give over all moments to Him and see what He can do in and through them. With every victory claimed while in the trenches of motherhood, honor and glorify God; With every failure felt while in the trenches of motherhood, shine the goodness and grace of the gospel message. We are not being called to showcase perfection, we are called to showcase His perfection.”


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