Another re-blog from last year I want to share with all my new friends…

“Were these the words that they were clinging to with all their might? Did the Resurrection words of hope their Savior had established during His time on earth, make sense to them? In their time of grief, were these words of promise their anchor or were these words their sinking sand? After witnessing all of Christ’s miracles, signs and wonders, was there an uncertainty in the stillness of the grave…or were they holding fast and watching for His greatest moment yet? Did they know, that on the most still of days, their Friend buried, was battling Death himself?

What would I have done? Would my faith have been shaken? Would I have let grief overcome my faith and hope in Him? Would I have let what was unknown to me, to cause me to cast away all I knew of and in Him?

I just can’t help but wonder what I would have done, thought or said on – the day that all was still.”

(Click here to read more)


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