Over the last month, we have taken a dive into the topic of marriage and all that encompasses it – the hard times as well as the good times. We were able to see a little glimpse of how God can use marriages to shine His glory. Through various marriage testimonies, we were encouraged to seek a godly marriage – one where God is at the center. Above all, we saw how our marriages can point to the redemption of the cross.

This next month, we are going to dig a little deeper into that which is redemption. We are going to try and grasp an even better and deeper understanding of the cross…and the resurrection. My heart’s desire this next month is to embrace the power and sacredness of Christ’s death; my desire is to anticipate and celebrate the living hope we have through His resurrection. The month of March, I want our hearts to reflect the same sense of awe, joy and wonder as the Christmas season brings, because in this month, we celebrate Easter – the fullness of the promised Savior. It is in the Easter season where we see the hope of Christmas come to realization, it is when the plan of rescue comes to completion and this is the time where we bask in the knowledge of the redemption and restoration which overflows from that which is grace upon endless grace.

To help guide our hearts in the magnificence of this Easter season, I created a calendar of daily readings for the kids and I to share and discuss over the breakfast table every day. Throughout the week, we will either be reading scripture or a Bible story from The Jesus Storybook Bible (The Jesus Storybook Bible is available online and in most local bookstores). You can download the reading calendar here: Easter Reading Calendar. My hope and prayer is that the readings will guide our hearts and minds to a better and fuller understanding of the glorious and magnificent event that is being celebrated on Easter Sunday.

In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead (1)



What are some Easter traditions that you and your family participate in to help focus your hearts and minds on the power and meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection? 




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