Valentine’s Day may be over, but the topic of love is not. My “month of marriage” is still continuing and I have more thoughts/reflections/stories from some lovely ladies to share with you still. Today, I have combined several responses to some specific questions concerning marriage. The funny thing is, no one person knows who received this survey besides me, but the responses I am sharing with you today all line up so lovely together. I am so appreciative of these godly women and their willingness to use their marriages to point to the good news of the gospel. Grab a hot cup of coffee or tea and settle in for a few moments to be refreshed and encouraged in your marriage.
Marriage Reflections:
What is the beauty of a Christ-centered marriage?
It is knowing that we are able to love because He first loved us and gave Himself for us, that puts everything into perspective. It is not about me, it is about giving and loving as Christ would.We join together in our dependence of the Lord. The beauty is knowing that He is enough, we do not have to hold our spouse to the expectation of being someone they could never be. It is Christ who loved perfectly,  walked humbly, and sacrificed completely, we want all of who He is to be what is the foundation of our marriage.
Is there a moment when God saved your marriage? 

Yes, God used the friends He had surrounded us with to speak hard truth and wisdom into our situation. It really matters who your friends are, choose godly friends who can pray with you and for you, friends who will walk along-side you and encourage you to fight for your marriage. We both came to a point, realizing how selfish we were, total surrender to Him took first place. No marriage is safe from this battle, the sacredness of marriage is something that will always be under attack. His reminder to us that He can restore even the most desperate of situations is when we were able to surrender our marriage to Him.

How do you fight for love in a broken marriage?

Your spouse is made in God’s image and is His masterpiece, always remember that truth. A willingness to forgive and receive forgiveness. Again, it is in the surrender. It is saying – “Jesus I can’t, you can”. Be in the Word…abide in His love and grace, so that you can be able to extend it to your spouse. Seek God first – then the counsel of godly friends, your pastor and/or a Christian counselor.

What happens when you and your spouse both love God first and each other second?

A beautiful relationship for this lost world to see is what happens. It is the proper authority that God has established. When we submit our hearts to God first, we are given that much more to give to our spouse. We are able to use our marriage for the glory of God.

How do you use your marriage to point to Christ?

In a Christian marriage, the fruit of the spirit should be very much on display in how we converse with one another and about one another. We are joint witnesses in the power of the gospel; without Him we are nothing. We can show the power of His redemption. When people see what He has done in and for our marriage, He is glorified and the gospel message is magnified. We work together as one for the saving of souls.

Your own thoughts.

Marriage is a gift and blessing from God. It is our responsibility to tend it well. It is a battle, it is work – but God’s grace is sufficient. It is so worth it to share your life with someone who truly puts Jesus first. I love my spouse more and more with each passing day. Honor, love and cherish the covenant between you and your spouse. We are imperfect people who love and serve a perfect God, rest in what He can and will do for your marriage.


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