One of the best little ideas I have found on the world of Pinterest was one I happened upon last Christmas. It is easy to throw together, the kids love it, and they can use it year after year; So – win, win and win. Today I will share with you the fun that can be had with something as simple as felt.

You will need:

* about 3/4 of a yard of green felt (for the tree)

* various other colors of felt (I bought several different 9×12 pieces)

*glitter, glue, glitter glue, markers, etc (basically anything you can decorate the felt with)


*fabric marker (not exactly necessary)

What to do:

* Using a fabric marker, or regular marker if you are pretty accurate with your drawing, draw the outline of your Christmas tree onto the large piece of green felt.

* Cut along the lines you drew for the tree.

* Hang Christmas tree on the wall (or felt board if you have one).

* Gather the 9×12 pieces of felt and began outlining various items on it to use as ornaments (Cookie cutters great for this are something easy to trace). This is a step the kids will want to do with you

* Cut and decorate the felt ornament pieces. This is the step where the kids will, most likely, fully take over.

*  After everything has dried…it is time to play.

**If you have (or make) felt letters, it is also a fun way to practice spelling words on the Christmas tree.**






I hope you enjoyed today’s Make it Monday post. What are you making today? Please, share!


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