And it’s the eve before The Day of Thanks.

Ovens are warming, last minute whirs of a vacuum can be heard, gas stations are seeing car after car come in as they prepare for their special trip, fresh linens are being laid out on soft beds in anticipation of the arrival of overnight family and friends, grocery stores are filled with visits for that “one missing item”…the expectancy of what tomorrow brings is rising with every moment today.

But — maybe not.

Perhaps, today is ordinary. Perhaps, today is mundane. Perhaps, today is somber. The above paragraph is not the song ringing from every heart. For some, there are loved ones missing – whether in spirit or in physical presence. The dagger of loneliness, hurt, and of all that was supposed to be might drive harder today. The pain may quicken with what is not or what might never have been. For some, the dullness of tomorrow is beginning to set in.

But — then there He is.

In possession of a goodness that is not reliant on circumstantial moments of life, He is there. He holds the cup of life that flows everlasting and He has brought it to the table and offers it to us with nailed scarred hands. He whispers in this moment…because He knows. He has felt the weight of unimaginable hurt and pain. He bore the shame and humility of loneliness and of being forgotten. He opened outstretched arms on a cross and, through an obedient and sacrificial love, bore the heaviness of our sorrows, our pain, our undoings, our mistakes, our shame and of our suffering. He smiles…because He knows. In the midst of darkness and the shadows of all that is tainted with the despondency that is sin, He overcame. His victory, is shared by those who have said “yes” to Him. A new kind of joy can be felt. A joy that flows from a well where – hope, love, and victory can be tasted with every sip drawn out.

Tomorrow, some people will gather. Tomorrow, some people will long. Tomorrow, all should give thanks.

Gratitude in its purest form, is offered up and felt from a place that is nearest to the heart of God. It is not calculated up by moments of life – a total sum derived from “pluses” and “minuses”. Gratitude…it is a thankfulness for who He is. When you look past the dust of life, you can see clearly the beauty of grace, mercy, and love that is our God, our Hope and our Redeemer.

No matter where tomorrow finds you, I hope that you experience the joy that is found in a spirit of thanks that is only found in and to Him. I hope you take a moment to draw close and bask in all that He is. I hope you can look around and see His gifts – little or big. I hope that your heart will be full in Him…and I hope that your fullness in Him will shine to all around you.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!





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