Yesterday was quite the eventful day here on the homestead. The happenings of the day had me completely worn out by the time I crawled into bed, but it was all worth it. Let me begin at the beginning…

Breakfast. We were all finishing up our delicious and healthy breakfast that comprised of donuts from our local donut shop. I looked out our window and my gaze rested on my two goats. I took notice that Shiloh (my pregnant goat) was getting the cold shoulder from Josie. Josie was lying on the ground and butting her head at Shiloh as best as she could. This led me to question if Josie was feeling okay. Then  I saw Josie roll over on her back with feet stretched up and neck stretched back, that is when I knew I had to go check on her.

Upon my arrival, I quickly saw that she was in labor. My first thought being, She is pregnant??? I mean, we knew Shiloh was but really did not think Miss Josie was…oh, boy. I immediately took her into the nice clean stall with all the nice clean and fresh straw; She wanted to have nothing to do with being in there…there was no coercing her into staying. So, out we went to where she wanted to go – the goat yard. You know, the one with no grass, all red dirt and is smattered with goat and chicken poop. Sigh.

Well, I will skip the details for the next hour. BUT, it was completely fascinating to observe as I stayed by her and threw straw on the ground around her…trying to keep it clean as possible. I also thought it would be nice if I spoke encouraging words to her during all this, if she understood at all, I suppose I will never know; she very well may have wanted to punch me in the face with her little goat hoof during that time. The whole family (minus Lil’ Mister) was out there to observe the birth. It was awesome. I always try to point out to the kids the things that are in our day to day life that reveal the glory of God, well today, we had so very much to discuss.

The rest of the day involved me moving hay bales, throwing down more straw and trying to make sure everything was just perfect for everyone on the homestead. Which, consequently, is how I quickly obtained over 16,000 steps on my Fitbit. I went to bed tired, sore and still happily in wonder of the events that took place that day.

Here are some snapshots:



8 thoughts on “Stories from the Homestead – New Arrivals

  1. Oh wow! What an amazing day! I can only imagine how tired you were. You definitely earned every FIBIT step. That little goat and your kids holding the goat are sooooo cute!


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