This month.

Since our return from vacation, life has been set to super speed. Balancing all of life’s various activities and commitments while trying to complete a multitude of projects, has left us running a little low on our fuel tank. But believe me, that is nothing unusual for me (much to my husband’s chagrin).

Exhibit 1 – Me (excitedly) showing my husband that I made it to the gas station before it went to a range of “0” miles…which unfortunately happens more often than not.

Not that it is bad; just busy, forcing me to really stick to some sort of schedule. One false move and the whole balancing act becomes a disaster. Or so I tell myself.

I realized the other day, the main drive behind getting “everything done” in a certain time frame is, largely in part, due to the new little ones that will soon be joining us on the homestead. I want need to be prepared for their upcoming arrival. Who would have thought that my pregnant goat would cause me to experience nesting?

The good news? My husband is ever so gracious and goes along with these preposterous nesting feelings I am having and just keeps helping me knock project after project off my to-do list. If you have been keeping up with me on Instagram, along with seeing how I fail at controlling my child while shopping at Target…

…you might also have seen the awesome handyman that is my husband. From a chicken coop and goat shed to a lovely newly refurbished cabinet, his handiwork is not only so very appreciated, but also very well done.

The countdown is here – we are expecting little goats to be scampering around any day now. My stress-level has decreased significantly now that I have a proper little goat shed to house my new little arrivals and their momma. I bought some fresh straw a couple of days ago and will be making Shiloh a nice warm and cozy place to give birth to her sweet little babies.

Until then…I just wait, with much anticipation (and try not to add more things to the to-do list).

Sweet Shiloh –


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