Today I decided to mix up a quick batch of scented salts for the bath. With school starting back up and all the extra activities that go along with it, lots of germs will be finding their way back into my home…and me, always on an anti-germ mission, decided it would be good to have this jar of bath time salts ready to go. 

The stuff:

What I did –

Measured out two cups of Epsom salt.


Added – 20 drops of Tea Tree oil, 15 drops of Lavendar and 10 drops of Eucalyptus (radiata)

Stirred it all together.

Poured scented salts into a glass jar.


All ready to go. 

I think that next time I will add some almond oil and some course sea salt to it as well. 

Do you have a recipe that you love for bath salts?

What are you making on this Make it Monday?


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