I love s’mores. I love cake. I love easy. So, naturally, I found a way to combine these three loves together and came up with this delightful dessert. 

When my family was invited to dinner one evening, I found myself in need of a dessert. It was my little contribution for the evening. I should have been relieved. Just dessert, right? Unfortunately, dessert (baking in general) is not quite my forte. 

After much thought, and a lot of Pinterest searching, I decided on a dessert. A boxed cake. It was simple. It was not overly complicated. It was something I knew I would not mess up. So, into the oven went the chocolate cake.

Once it was done baking and cooling, it was time to ice the cake. I was riffling through my cabinet in search of some icing when I came upon my s’more stash. This is when my inspiring moment hit. 

I grabbed the Pillsbury Fluffy Frost icing.

 A snack size package of Hershey bars.

And a box of Honey Maid graham crackers.

 Should I be embarrassed that I have all this on hand? 

Icing the cake, easy. Smashing the graham crackers and sprinkling the crumbs on top of cake, easy. Placing little rectangular Hershey bars strategically on the cake, easy.

Final result – 

Friends? Well, they were impressed. There was actually quite the misconception on the time and effort that was put into the evening’s dessert. A misconception I, shamefully, did not correct. 

Hope you enjoyed today’s Make It Monday! 

Let’s share –

What are you making today?


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