Two things you should know –

1. I get overwhelmed with too many directions when trying something new on my own.

2. My kids eat a LOT of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

So keep those two things in mind when I tell you that….I made some blueberry jam today!

Because of the ridiculous amount of jam we consume here at the house, I thought I would try my hand at making some. I figured it had to be better than the store bought kind and, really, I just enjoy making my own stuff. Plus, because of Pinterest, I feel like I can (attempt to) make most anything.

The process.

I first began by getting my hands on some sweet and succulent blueberries. Of course, this involved looking for good quality and a good price, so imagine my delight when I saw Bountiful Baskets had blueberries as one of their options for the week. I did not hesitate to place my order.

Next up, a recipe; I perused through just about every recipe on Pinterest. It was quickly decided that I did not want to go through the whole canning process. It just stresses me out. I also realized I was ill prepared for my day of making my own blueberry jam – I lacked pectin and lemon. Every recipe wanted one or both of these. UNTIL….I found this recipe from It was a beautiful answer to all my wants and needs concerning a good jam recipe: 1.) No canning process, 2.) No pectin required and 3.) No lemon needed.

Here we go,

The blueberries

 Smashing the berries while heating them

2 cups of sugar added in


Stirring the boiling mixture for about 25 minutes

Letting it cool and then spooning the jam into my half-pint jar

  The most important part – the taste test

Now, one jar will go into my refrigerator and the rest will be placed in the deep freeze until they are ready to be used. 

Go ahead, give it a try…so easy and so yummy!


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