The look in her eyes says it all. It is a reflection of love, admiration and it communicates a feeling unlike any other. It is a reflection of a sweet and pure bond that some are fortunate to get to experience. It is, a girl and her daddy.

I see the way my daughter’s eyes light up when he walks in the door after being away at work all day. I see the way those little curls bounce as she races to greet him. I see the way she anxiously awaits the moment she is held as she lifts those sweet little arms up to him. I see, a girl and her daddy.

There she is, curled up with him on a couch…no other place she would rather be. There she is, using her little pink beauty kit to give that big strong daddy of hers a makeover. There she is, having him wrapped completely around her little chubby finger. There she is, a girl and her daddy.

This man she admires so much, will always be her hero. This man that she saves her biggest and brightest smiles for, will be who she measures all men against. This man she loves with all her little 2 year old heart, will always be hers. A girl and her daddy.


I see my little girl…and I know. 

I know just how special it is. It is in my memories, it is in the here and now, it will always be. I am so thankful for all the moments shared by, a girl and her daddy.

I loved him – in every “hold you” moment as a little girl, in every laugh that we shared together and in every tear that he wiped away. I loved him – in every “oh Dad, please” moment as a teenager, in every eye roll I gave and in every stern look I received. I loved him – in every “thanks again, Dad” moment as a young poor-broke-just-trying-to-get-by teacher, in every word of advice he gave and in every prayer he prayed for me. I love him – in every “can’t wait to see you again” moment, in every playtime he gets to spends with my babies and in every smile we share.  Oh, how special it is, a girl and her daddy.



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