Well, things around here are starting to have some sense of normalcy again. The rain has been kind enough to let up for a minute, so we can take care of some much needed outdoor business. Yesterday, the kiddos and I were able to knock off quite a few items on our to-do list. 

The homestead? Well, it just hasn’t been the same without our little goat friends. Y’all, we are this close to being able to bring our goats back home. If all goes accordingly, we are anticipating being able to build them their little shelter and also work on the fence this week so they can come home. 

The chickens have been making the best of their situation. They have dealt with a lot of mud these last few weeks. Bless their little mud-caked chicken feet. I think they are more happy about the dry ground than I am. 

The last couple of days, the chickens have been enjoying some free-ranging time. While they have a nice big enclosure to roam around in, they feel especially liberated having the entire yard at their disposal. My hope, is that they are keeping unwanted insects and creatures from invading my yard. 


The garden somehow managed to survive the recent monsoon. I spent the last two days pulling out an unholy amount of weeds from my garden beds. I was pleasantly surprised to see that lost in the thicket of the unwanted mess, were my vegetable plants…and they were still alive! 


Lil’ Man and Miss Priss have thoroughly enjoyed being able to play outside again. The glorious sunshine has provided a nice dry yard for them to expel some of their built up energy. We all, here at the homestead, are collectively thankful for outside time. 

Yesterday, was a great day of exploration and fun. While I mowed and cleaned out garden beds, my two “helpers” were taken captive by the joy of nature. There was – tying of earthworms around fingers, picking wildflowers (mainly weeds) for mom, chasing of chickens, playing with horny-toads and building of forts for little creatures out of rocks.


The homestead, thanks to a good dose of vitamin D, is on its way to a full recovery. 

24 This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118:24)


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