So, y’all know I like to write. I’m sure that is no secret by now. I write…stuff. Mostly thoughts, sometimes happenings, but mainly, just stuff.

Well, I decided, for all the writing that I do, I should, at the very least, do some writing that matters. I mean really matters. Something that goes beyond this wonderful blogosphere world and hits home on a more personal level. 

I love to journal. It is such a great way to just let loose all those thoughts and words that are trapped in my mind. It is a way to communicate those words that I want to say, but cannot verbalize. It is a way to chronicle moments and feelings as I live my life. 

Combined. I took my desire to do something more with my writing and wove it with my love for journaling. The outcome? Something that will , I hope, turn out phenomenal. 

I purchased three journals. One for each of my sweet children. I decided to keep a journal for them. The journal, ideally, will be kept until they are either entering or exiting high school.

It will be a journal that will contain special memories and moments of their childhood that I have jotted down for them to remember. It will contain thoughts and prayers I have for them throughout their various stages of life. It will contain the victories and the struggles. It will contain the laughter and the tears.

My hope? I want them to see Jesus. I want them to see Him…in their times of laughter, their times of pain, and times of anger. I want them to see how their own relationship and perspective of His love and His grace developed over the years.  

I want them to see how they each play such an important and intricate role in our family. I want them to remember moments of love and laughter. I want them to remember moments of tears and healing. I want them to remember moments of frustration and a God who can calm the stormiest of souls. 

It is a book to them. It is a book for them. It is a book about them.

It is their story, highlighted. 

I don’t plan on writing in it every day. I’m saving the entries for specific moments. I want it to be for the moments that mean something.

It is for the moments that I see are shaping them. 



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