This girl. This pose. 

From the top of her sweet little curls to the bottom of her fancy-shoe wearing feet, this girl seems to exemplify a lovely and gracious dignity far beyond her years. Her hands perfectly clasped in front of her, the mark of a true lady. 

You most likely will see her walking with her hands clasped ‘just so’ if you are out and about and happen to run into us – at the store, or at the post office, or in a parking lot, or just about anywhere, really. I’ve had several sweet little old ladies comment on how “sweet and precious” she is as she walks by them with her hands clasped tightly in front.

For goodness sake’s…

Let me tell you something…the sweet little thing that is “being all lady” like is, in fact, actually clasping her hands in defiance. Yes. It is her way of avoiding obedience.

You see, she has specific instructions to hold either my hand or her older brother’s hand when we are out and about. She used to be quick to comply, however, Miss Independent is under the notion that she is now too old for such a childish action. Too much…this girl is too much, y’all. 

Let me give you a more clear picture of this “proper lady”.

She is one who enjoys the fancies of life – her pink high-heeled shoes, her purple feathery boa, her princess tiara and her swishy skirts; She is a little bundle of spunk that is not quite fancy and lady-like in her behavior. She is a proper mess who enjoys fancy things for not-so-fancy moments.

She enjoys chasing chickens in her pink high-heels 


She enjoys squashing big ugly grubs in her pink high-heels 

She, also, loves lying in the grass while playing  with Mr. Teddy, of course, in her pink high-heels (I think, by this point, we may have lost a pink high-heel)


So, don’t be fooled the next time you happen to see us and you happen to notice a certain little lady with her hands clasped so sweet and lady-like. Beyond those clasped hands is a lively little spirit just itching to make her debut in the world. 


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