Enterovirus D68. It wasn’t too long ago that this certain sickness was being reported on national news, social media, and various “medical” blogs. It was causing concern throughout many households.

It was during this time that I received a phone call. This phone call was from my dad. I love my dad. There are no words to describe how much I love the man whom I learned so much from. 

From him, I learned – how to laugh…I mean really laugh. I learned how to love people. I learned how to record my favorite songs off the radio onto a cassette tape. I learned to never drive behind a trash truck…especially with your outside air intake on in your car. I learned to focus on God, not people; people disappoint, God never will. I learned all I needed to know about self-defense…we watched many movies starring – Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, and the like.

One of the things that I also “learned” from my sweet dad is my ever-so-slight hypochondriasm.

You see, the phone call I got from my dad…well, it was to discuss the symptoms of the Enterovirus. Why? Oh, because he thought he might have it. Friends, let me tell you, that was a fun conversation. 

I can’t talk too much though. Like I said, I may or may not have some of these same hypochondriac tendencies. In fact, most people who know me well would attest to this fact. If I had a nickel for every time I heard – “Melissa, stop looking things up on Web M.D.” or “For the hundredth time, you DO NOT have lockjaw!” or “I promise, you did not get malaria from that mosquito.”.

This brings me to today.

In the car, driving home from Spanish class, I have this conversation with Lil’ Man.

L.M. – “Mom, I see some orange spots on my legs. See? Look. It is weird.”

Me – (Though I did not see anything) “Hmm, that is odd. I wonder what it is.”

L.M. – “I don’t know, but it is weird.”

A few moments of silence pass.

L.M. – “Mom, umm, what color are chicken pox? They are red…right? Or, are they orange? ARE THESE CHICKEN POX?????”

Me – How does he even know about chicken pox. “You don’t have chicken pox. Chicken pox are small little bumps all over your body that itch really really bad.”

L.M. – “I’m feeling pretty itchy.”

Me – “No you aren’t. You don’t have chicken pox.”

L.M. – “When will I get them?”

Me – ” Hopefully never. You had a shot that will try and protect your body from getting it.”

L.M. – “What?! You put a chicken in me?!?!”

Me – …..”No.”

L.M. – “I’m hungry.”

Me – “Me too. You want to go to Chick-Fil-A?”

L.M. – “Yes! I love chicken food!”

There you have it friends. From a man wondering about Entero, to a college girl scared for her life due to lockjaw, to finally, a small boy with chicken pox. All I can say is -well, for goodness sakes. 


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