32. Y’all, I never really saw it coming. Can I really be 32??? 

The answer is a solid, yes.

1. My back aches something awful if I am bent over for too long (and by too long, I mean anything over 30 seconds). 

2. My hands, I have recently noticed, have started to “look old”.

3. I have a sudden desire to drink coffee in the morning as I sit on my back porch (ideally on the porch swing that I do not have) while I relax and reflect.

4. I can no longer tell the difference between a high school student and a college student, they all look young. 

5. I am, without a doubt, completely comfortable in rockin’ a mini-van as my mode of transportation. 

6. I am plucking white hairs out of my head.

7. Speaking of hair, when looking for hairstyles on Pinterest, the ones categorized in “trendy tresses for 40+” secretly appeal to me the most.

8. I could wear a cardigan every.single.day.

9. I find it utterly ridiculous and completely outlandish when my youngest brother decides to go hang out with his friends…at 11:00 at night.

10. What really was the kicker for me this year, was when I found out that I am older than Aaron Rodgers. 

The funny thing is, I don’t feel old. Minus the whole back thing, that is. I feel good and I am happy. 

I am blessed with a super awesome family and awesome friends. I have a church family that I am crazy about. I am loving being a wife to a guy who is pretty crazy about me. I am giddy over the fact that I am a mother to three kids with their own unique little personalities. 

I am loved by God and made complete in Him. My relationship with Him is closer than it has ever been and it just continues to get better and better every day. He has renewed my life and spirit for His glory…and I am so incredibly thankful. 

I look forward to 32. I look forward to all the joy it will bring and even the moments that won’t seem so joyful. Whatever the road before me will bring, I know I am not walking it alone. 

The first thing on my list to do as I begin this 32nd year of life…is to go see a chiropractor. Seriously. I have the back of someone twice my age. 

Goodnight, friends! 


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