Well, it finally happened. For once, all factors were in place – perfect weather, no allergies, and motivation. The gardening trifecta.

Motivation was the piece that has really struggled to get on board with the whole gardening idea.

Mainly, because of this.

You see where I am coming from?

The garden transformation finally began once my little friend, Motivation, got on board. I pulled more weeds and grass from my garden beds than I actually have growing in my yard. Except for in my new(er) raised garden bed that L built for me a couple years ago. He built two of them for me that are raised much higher than our other raised beds. I have only used one of them and it has held up pretty well against all the weeds and grass.

This is right after he built it. 

I had originally planned on doing all my plants from seed this year. That did not happen. Perhaps it will happen next year. Maybe.

Yesterday the kids and I stopped by our local nursery and picked out some vegetables for planting. It is one of my favorite parts about gardening. My mind sees all the great possibilities of a grandiose garden when I see all the vegetables, fruits and herbs my nursery has to offer…it kind of makes me swoon.

Once we were back at home, we went right to work on planting our new plants in the garden (after eating lunch…because, eating, always comes first). This process reminded me of why I need to keep a garden journal. I know I need to rotate my plants in the soil and it is hard for me to remember what I planted where every year.

The kids were ready to get to the fun part. Miss Priss enjoyed digging in the dirt. Lil’ Man wanted to be in charge of taking the plants out of their pots and placing them into their new home.

At one point, I looked over to see Miss Priss had climbed in to the big raised garden bed and was hanging out with the new plants.

I am so happy that my garden is finally all planted. My mind is just spinning with all the great things I can do when I harvest all my fresh produce. The canning, the salsas, the sauces, the meals they will be used in…all kinds of ambitions.

Of course, reality will set in soon, I’m sure.

I’ll remember that I have terrible luck when it comes to gardening. I will soon be starting wars with annoying little insects that want to ravage my happy little garden. I will, more times than not, forget to go water my lovely plants.

Though, this year, I’m really trying to make it work. I figure if I try harder every year, then eventually I should get it right. That is my hope, anyway.

It is hard not to be hopeful when you put in all the work of weeding, cultivating and planting a garden.

I can’t help but have that sliver of hope when I look at this…


We will see. Now, I need to go water my garden. I forgot to yesterday.


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