This, my friends, happened.

I didn’t even cheat on the time spent for the jogging portion.

Most people may snicker when seeing this. But people, listen. My lungs have the air capacity as that of a mouse. Seriously. The hardest part of running for me is the breathing. It is physically painful.

I was so thrilled that I actually completed the whole workout for today. That never happens. I have been very wish-washy in the use of my C25K app.

Today though, even my goats and chickens were cheering me on.

These three sat here and watched me the entire time.

Galina even tried to run beside me (or from me) at one point.

The goats ran and did some crazy little jigs everytime I circled their area.

I love my little cheering section.

My favorite part of the run, was the last 5 minutes. I soooo wanted to cheat and make those 5 minutes quickly turn to 1 minute on my app. As a last minute push to get through the end of my run, I pulled up my iTunes playlist.

I really need to get some running songs. I was in the same situation I wrote about last time. I decided to roll with it.

I turned Lauren Daigle’s “How Can It Be” up and pushed myself through those last 5 minutes. I ran. It hurt, but I ran.

And just before the point of death…

 I dragged my weary body to my husband and said “I did it! I actually ran for 16 (albeit, non-consecutive) minutes!”. Y’all, that is the most my body has ran in many moons.


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