Well, spring has sure made a grand entrance. The temperature has been perfect, my allergies have been miserable and the storm season has already began to flex its power. I definitely have a love-hate relationship with this season.

I love the freshness of spring –  the blooming of flowers and the mild warmth of the sun. 

I hate the misery of spring – the wretchedness of allergies and the terror of severe weather.

I had planned on working on my garden this week…but due to ridiculously-out-of-control allergies, I have not been able to do anything in my garden. Not even plant my onion sets.

They are just hanging out in the mudroom waiting to be planted.

Hopefully, tomorrow, I will be able to get out there and get something done in my garden. 

The chickens have been enjoying the warmer weather. I decided that one of my hens must particularly be fond of the change of seasons, because…I have a new layer. Yay!

I am so happy to have a brown egg layer again.

However, as much as they enjoy the warmer weather, they are definitely not a fan of the rain. Poor girls, two of them did not make it inside the coop last night when the torrential rain came pouring down. They are fine, just a little irked by the whole situation.

The goats are doing well. I think I finally have solved the lice issue. (Bleh) I decided it would be best to just clip away Josie’s hair and give her another good dusting of diatomaceous earth. Hopefully it will work. I really don’t want to wash her down with any pesticide shampoo.

Of course, she may actually prefer the shampoo after experiencing me clipping away all her hair. If you are wondering, it is definitely not easy to hold onto a goat with one hand and use clippers to cut the goats hair with the other hand. She might be a little patchy in spots.


The clippers? Oh, I borrowed my husband’s clippers. He informed me that they are now to only be used for the goats and I am to order him a new set of clippers. I can’t imagine why he would not want to cut his hair with those clippers anymore???

Shiloh thinks she got out of the clipper experience. 

She will soon discover that she has no reason to look so smug.

These goats. So cute. 

Shiloh thinks the “duck face” is way overrated. She has been working on her “fish face”. 

Happy Spring, y’all!


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