Gardening. The organization of planning what will be planted in which bed, the planting of seeds and starter plants, the freshness of a newly planted garden bed, the anticipation of that first vegetable; I love it all.

The last few years have not been anything to write home about as far as my overall garden production. I start every spring with high hopes and lofty dreams of this beautiful grand garden…only to be disappointed by mid June.

One would think I would just throw in the towel one of these years. But, No. I am determined to make it work.

This week I bought my onion sets. Hopefully I will get to plant them this weekend. If I can get even a handful of onions to grow this year, I will count it a win.

I have been out of town visiting my family this week, so I have not been able to work outside in my garden. But…my awesome mom had a fun activity planned for her grandkids. One that will help get me going with my garden in the coming weeks.

Using recycled egg cartons for seed starters containers.

The kids, well, they had so much fun planting their little seeds. Me? Well, how can I not be excited about get a jump start on my cilantro, basil and green beans.

Of course…we aren’t quite sure what seeds ended up in which spot. Who really knows if anything will even grow or not. It was kind of hit and miss with the whole planting process.

Really though, plant or no plant. It was all about the fun.

And fun…it was definitely had.


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