When my sister and I were growing up I remember a time or two when I caused her some grief.  I particularly remember that when I would call her “cute” it would drive her crazy. She thought it was patronizing and I felt the need to establish that she was not only the younger sibling, but that she was young (as compared to me who was “so much more grown-up”).  It was not enough that I would merely say “she looked cute”, but I would, of course, always say it in my most irritatingly sweet “grown-up” voice that I could muster. Passive aggressiveness with a smattering of sweetness. Just plain annoying. 

Y’all know what I am talking about. I’m sure there has been a time when you have either been so annoyingly sticky sweet just to rub someone the wrong way or have had it done to you. Dig deep…I’m sure you will find that time.

All those moments of annoying my sister are coming back to bite me in the rear. 

“Bless your heart”…

Okay, random people at the grocery store, post office, feed store or just about anywhere my children and I are at. I know what you mean when you say it to me in that tone. Seriously, I do. 

I’ve narrowed it down. There are three kinds of people who like to “bless my heart”.

1. There are the people who give me the most disgusted look they can come up with and spew the words “bless your heart” at me. I know they are not wanting to bless my heart. They are usually judging me for having three children ages 5 and under. Not only having these three children, but being out in public with them. It has been on the tip of my tongue to “bless their heart” right back.

2. Those who look at me with a look of despondency and “bless my heart”. They usually are under the belief that I am a soul that is heavily burdened by my children. They are under the impression that I am obviously missing out on the more exciting things of life because of my kids. 

3. Then there are those rare few. The ones who have been down this road before. The mother whose children are grown but can remember how it can be a little bit of a hassle to grocery shop with three little ones…two which take up most of the cart space. They remember those times of struggle. But, when they “bless my heart”…they are doing it with encouragement in their words; A smile in their eyes. They know the reward far outweighs the struggle. These kind of people are more than welcome to bless my heart all day. 

Yes, I may look a little haggard at times while I am touting about three little ones…but don’t let the bags under my eyes fool you. Instead, see the smile on my face as I hear the sweet cooing from my littlest one, hear the laughter from my mouth as I watch the joy and curiosity that is my daughter and see the softness in my eyes as I watch the thoughtfulness and compassion that is my oldest son. 

My quiver is full and my heart is very blessed because of it. 


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