This weekend is the ever-hyped, but mostly dreaded, Valentine’s Day. People that are single, dread and bemoan it. I remember. People that have a special someone, often stress out over this holiday more than Christmas. The pressure is there. It is the day where everything is supposed to be magically perfect.

We don’t do Valentine’s Day at our house. Early on in our relationship we discovered this is the day we ended up fighting the most and getting the most irritated with each other by holding each other (and this day) to a ridiculous standard. We aren’t perfect the rest of the 364 days of the year, so why should we expect perfection from each other on that one day?

We aren’t grumpy unhappy people, we just do things a little different for/on V-day. We do fun little things with the kids, we sometimes get each other things (usually in the form of Twizzlers (for him) or chocolate (for me) (and not the fancy expensive kind…the good kind, you know, like Hershey’s kisses and M&M’s). We bought each other fishing licenses one year. We are just…real with each other. We don’t make reservations and drop the kids off somewhere. We will probably be eating Taco Bueno, pizza, or McDonalds (yes, we are those people who actually eat there). We learned we are imperfect individuals made perfect in Christ, not each other.

Everyday, in one way or another, we show love to each other and find ways to celebrate each other and what we have in each other. (Please do not misunderstand this by thinking we walk around smelling roses and dance some sort of Cinderella waltz all day. Like I said, we are imperfect. We just choose not to dwell and fester on the imperfections.)

Sometimes, our love is in the things that are said (or not said).

When my husband (while at work) receives this message a few days ago from me…

He doesn’t freak out on me. He doesn’t get mad thinking of the work he will have to do to help make this happen. He just…loves me, his imperfect, sometimes spontaneous, should-have-checked-with-her-husband-first wife.

I, in turn, do not go all…

See…love…in the midst of our imperfections.

In case you are curious…the goat thing, did happen. Here is where we are with that.

Picking up the goats:

First we helped vaccinate and deworm them:

Then it was time to load them up and head home:

Now, time to introduce them to their new home:

Then it was time for L to get to work

I’ll update on our little goat shed later…in the meantime, they are bunking with the chickens.

Lil’ Man is loving the goats too:

Although, he wasn’t crazy about helping out in the early cold morning , he still did…with a sort of happy heart:

We are excited to add Miss Shiloh and Miss ? (we are renaming Vicki) to our little family. We are hoping for some yummy milk this summer!

So, happy Valentine’s Day, y’all. I hope everyone has a great weekend celebrating…be that with your special someone or your friend who will stay up with you, eat way too much ice cream and watch a ridiculous amount of Netflix with you. 🙂


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