75 degrees, minimal wind, abundant sunshine beaming down…it is a soothing balm to my soul today. I’m sitting out here with Miss Priss and Lil’ Man watching them…just be. I needed this today, they needed this today.

3 sick kids, a week of doctor visits (100 unexpected dollars worth of doctor visits) with ear infections, coughs, congestion and the occasional vomit episode or two has really worn on all of us. Our household has consisted of essential oils being diffused, saturating various items with Lysol, laundry load upon laundry load being done (with an ever increasing “needs to be ironed” pile accumulating as a direct result), keeping up with medication schedules to get over said ear infections, and, of course, I would be remiss in forgetting to mention that sleep has not been much of a friend at our house…in fact, I think he is vacationing far far away from my house these days.

Friends, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have also had our refrigerator and freezer go out on us. Food was lost, liquid gold was dumped down the drain (breast milk), and a family of five is trying to live out of a mini-fridge from my old dorm room and a not-so-big deep freezer. After waiting ALL weekend…we were so excited for Mr. Fix-it to come out and mend our broken appliance. He rattled off what was wrong…I heard something about a compressor…something about having to order a special part…the only piece of information I really remember was him saying it could be 3-5 days before the part will arrive if he can find the part and order it today. The guy didn’t stick around much longer after that, maybe it was because of the crazed look I got in my eyes at the thought of continuing to live a week (or more) without a fridge and freezer.

BUT…just in case we didn’t have enough going on…we had another little incident. One that infuriated me as much as it almost made me cry. We have this utterly obnoxious coyote that likes to come around every few months or so and, well, pretty much wipe-out my little brood of chickens. He decided to come by yesterday and take two of my laying hens, which in turn led me to Google “coyote problems”, “how to get rid of coyotes”, and “who to hire to trap and kill a coyote that is killing off my chickens”. Although this incident greatly frustrated all of us and made us sad…no one was more affected and angered by this than, Lucky, our rooster (having escaped the last 5 attacks from the coyote, hence the name, Lucky). The coyote took away his manly rooster pride.

He also took away two of his lady friends and left him with just Bertha, who I’m pretty sure is bigger than Lucky.

To say he is outraged, is an understatement.

So, yes, it has not been very fun around here. I find it interesting (laughable, maybe?) that this week my Read Through the Bible in a Year reading plan started me in the book of Job. Seriously, it did. Talk about perspective check.

So, as I sit here enjoying the last few moments of sunshine and warmth, I won’t worry about how I am going to come up 3 meals a day (plus snacks) for my family without breaking the bank eating out and only having a mini-fridge and deep freezer to work with…instead I will enjoy watching two of my kiddos finally getting some time outside to play and pray that this beautiful day and glorious sunshine will be just the medicine they need to kick this yucky cold to the curb.

For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.

                                   Psalm 100:5


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